Dixie Queen Air Mattress Sleeper

SKU: 052313891

58% Polyester, 42% Olefin  CC:WS

Tight button back queen size sleeper with box border seats and welt on the arm posts, wings, and cushions. With clean lines and just the right amount of designer touches, the Dixie sleeper has a simple silhouette that blends perfectly with any decor. Luxurious head to toe support with a 6" cushion of air over a 4" innerspring coil base. Includes two correlate throw pillows. Additional colors and fabrics available as special order.


Dixie Queen Air Mattress Sleeper

Product Information

  • 052313891
  • 80.5"L x 38"W x 36"H
  • Polyester/Olefin
  • Blue
  • 3/145
  • Fabric
  • Sleeper